Fabulous Friday is Coming Out

Happy Friday, baby queermos! It's been a long week, but you made it. Here's a roundup of some important things to be aware of this week. National Coming Out Day was this week, and QueerPHC stands in solidarity with everyone... Continue Reading →

Baskerville’s Homosexual Activist Nazi Comments in Context

Patrick Henry College grad David Sessions just published the entire text of the lecture on Scribd. Read the entire lecture for yourself. A common complaint that PHC dissenters hear is that we're "taking things out of context" or being "uncharitable."... Continue Reading →

Patrick Henry College Professor Says ‘Homosexual Activists’ Were ‘Integral’ to Rise of Nazism

In a so-called Faith & Reason lecture delivered to the entire student body today, Patrick Henry College Professor Stephen Baskerville claimed that "homosexual activists" played an integral role in the rise of Nazism. I find it hard to understand how any... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: 08/24

Happy Friday, baby queermos! I'm proud of myself for posting this on time. Book Recommendation: I just finished Ash, a YA version of the classic Cinderella story, retold with a lesbian twist by former editor Malinda Lo. It's an enjoyable... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Had Been Exposed to ‘Gay Activism’ as a Child

Kids are heading back to school, which means parents are stocking up on new pencils, backpacks, notepads, and queer-retardant clothing for their young ones. Actually, since that last item has not yet been completed in the Focus on the Family... Continue Reading →

New FAQ Page

After a few weeks of thought, we've finally published our FAQ page. We tried to answer the biggest questions that people might have, but if we missed a question, comment or email us to let us know! 

A Few Updates

Sorry for the long silence, everyone. As Alan mentioned in a recent post, I've been rather busy with life lately, and haven't had much time to breathe, let alone post on QPHC. I hope that will change soon! In the... Continue Reading →

Worth Sharing: Transgender Housing Network

The recently founded Transgender Housing Network was created to assist trans*-identified people in finding temporary housing. Trans* people can post a submission if they have a need for housing, and those who are able to host trans* people can also... Continue Reading →

Hair as White as Snow or Anderson Cooper

This morning at church my pastor was preaching about Jesus as King, and made reference to John's description of Him in Revelation 1:14, "His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow..." For some reason I've always been... Continue Reading →

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