Patrick Henry College grad David Sessions just published the entire text of the lecture on Scribd.

Read the entire lecture for yourself. A common complaint that PHC dissenters hear is that we’re “taking things out of context” or being “uncharitable.” In what real-world context do PHC Professor Stephen Baskerville’s comments about “homosexual activists” being “integral” to the rise of Nazism make any sort of sense? Baskerville barely provides any context within the text of the lecture, resorting instead to badly-sourced paranoid propaganda.

Suggesting that gay activists enjoyed power in the NSDAP precisely because they were gay is outrageous. If homosexuality was a ticket to political power within the NSDAP, why were 100,000 gay men arrested for homosexuality in Nazi Germany? About 50,000 of those served prison sentences, an estimated 5,000-15,000 went to concentration camps, and an unknown number went to mental hospitals.

I assume Baskerville can look these facts up for himself. But instead, he chooses to ignore history so that he can make bogus connections between queer activism and Nazism. Not only does he fail to back up these claims with any sort of credible evidence, but comparing people he disagrees with to Nazis is the worst sort of intellectual laziness.

The Faith & Reason lecture is advertised as being the scholarly event of the semester. Who approved this lecture? Because there were no dissenting voices on the panel following the lecture, should we assume that this is now the official position of Patrick Henry College? PHC leaders, please feel free to respond in the comments.