September 2012

The Circle

I was reading this afternoon from a gay Christian author, Peter J. Gomes, and came across a passage where the quoted Edwin Markham's poem Outwitted. He was quoting it in reference to how LGBTQ Christians are often treated or spoken of as... Continue Reading →

Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate, Part 2

See Part 1 of my review of the debate between Dan Savage and Brian Brown. Moving further into his opening criticism Dan Savage talks about how the Bible clearly supports and allows slavery, and yet, Christians now consider slavery to... Continue Reading →

Not Just Homosexual, But Homoromantic Two!

When I posted on this before it was also in part because of another video and post I had seen on the Waking Up Now blog. However, at the time I wasn't able to find that other video that I had... Continue Reading →

Curious About Ex-Gay Ministries and Therapy?

The issue of ex-gay ministries and therapy has been in the news a good bit recently. The legislature in CA has passed a bill banning sexual orientation change efforts in therapy for minors, and it is just waiting for the governor's... Continue Reading →

Party Platforms and LGBTQ Issues

I want to start out with the disclaimer that party platforms are not binding, but neither are they meaningless. Whether or not they accurately represent the members of the party or the policies enacted, they do provide a powerful statement... Continue Reading →

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