August 2012

Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate, Part 1

The Dinner Table Debate between Dan Savage, author of the Savage Love column, and Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, was moderated by Mark Oppenheimer, a writer for the New York Times. If you haven't seen the... Continue Reading →

Why is Your Sexual Orientation Such a Big Deal?

I was having a drink with a good friend of mine, when she asked me why gay, lesbian, and bisexual people* made "such a big deal" of their sexual orientation. I asked her to clarify what she meant, and she... Continue Reading →

Queer People Don’t Really Exist…

At least according to spokespeople from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). This idea isn't a new one, but it was recently restated by NOM and it came up in a conversation with a friend that I had last week. Jennifer Roback... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: 08/24

Happy Friday, baby queermos! I'm proud of myself for posting this on time. Book Recommendation: I just finished Ash, a YA version of the classic Cinderella story, retold with a lesbian twist by former editor Malinda Lo. It's an enjoyable... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Had Been Exposed to ‘Gay Activism’ as a Child

Kids are heading back to school, which means parents are stocking up on new pencils, backpacks, notepads, and queer-retardant clothing for their young ones. Actually, since that last item has not yet been completed in the Focus on the Family... Continue Reading →

Here and Queer

You guys, I fail at writing Fabulous Friday posts on time. I'm skipping it this week, but I promise it'll be back next week. I love Out Magazine's interview with Ezra Miller, in which he identifies himself as queer. “I’m... Continue Reading →

Not Just Homosexual, But Homoromantic Too!

I was reading some of the blog posts over on Waking Up Now the other day, and came across this gem: "I'm Not Just Homosexual -- I'm Homoromantic," which is basically just the post with the title, one little line, and... Continue Reading →

Husbands? The Webseries.

Thanks to the ever wonderful--and far more knowledgeable about all things gay culture than me--Kate, I recently discovered a rather entertaining webseries called Husbands. Which if it's not obvious is about two gay husbands. The tagline for the show is "They're doing... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: Gold Medal Edition

Happy Friday! I'm back and ready to start posting more regularly again. Thanks to Alan Scott for his willingness to step in and write so much in the past couple of weeks. It's been a good Friday so far. The... Continue Reading →

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