Queer Theory

In which we hash out issues of gender and sexuality in the broader context of queer history and philosophy. It’s not quite as simplistic as labels and alphabet soup.

Born This Way?

I was perusing blogs again today and came across a most excellent quote from Dr. Marc Breedlove, Barnett Rosenberg Professor of Neuroscience at Michigan State University. He is currently sponsoring a lecture series called, Whom You Love: The Biology of Sexual Orientation, which is featuring... Continue Reading →

On Destroying the Fabric of Society

When we're not charging up our giant Gay Ray to incinerate traditional marriage, happiness, and kittens, Alan and I are plotting to destroy the fabric of society. A short transcript of one of these sessions, presented without comment: Kate: society's fabric... Continue Reading →

LGBT History Month: Day 4, Katharine Lee Bates

Day four of LGBT History Month features Katharine Lee Bates, best known as the writer of America the Beautiful and as a poet, songwriter, and teacher. From her bio at the LGBT History Month website: “That the hymn has gained a... Continue Reading →

Curious About Ex-Gay Ministries and Therapy?

The issue of ex-gay ministries and therapy has been in the news a good bit recently. The legislature in CA has passed a bill banning sexual orientation change efforts in therapy for minors, and it is just waiting for the governor's... Continue Reading →

Queer People Don’t Really Exist…

At least according to spokespeople from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). This idea isn't a new one, but it was recently restated by NOM and it came up in a conversation with a friend that I had last week. Jennifer Roback... Continue Reading →

There’s No Such Thing

This was a phrase I had heard a couple of times in my youth. But by the time I was ready to finally put some kind of label on my sexual personhood, I went with it anyway. Bisexual. There, I... Continue Reading →

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