Fabulous Fridays

Snippets of culture and other relevant links.

Fabulous Friday: Wonder Woman Is Really Queer

Hello, fellow queerios! Welcome back to Fabulous Friday, a recurring feature that rounds up positive queer news, culture, and other resources. This week, the big news is that... Wonder Woman is Queer Just had to say it again, in case the... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: 08/24

Happy Friday, baby queermos! I'm proud of myself for posting this on time. Book Recommendation: I just finished Ash, a YA version of the classic Cinderella story, retold with a lesbian twist by former editor Malinda Lo. It's an enjoyable... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: Gold Medal Edition

Happy Friday! I'm back and ready to start posting more regularly again. Thanks to Alan Scott for his willingness to step in and write so much in the past couple of weeks. It's been a good Friday so far. The... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: August 4th, 2012 (A Saturday)

Happy August! This is an exciting mile stone for us here at QPHC since our blog has now been up and running for 1 month! Unfortunately Kate is still swamped with life, but she was able to help me out... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: July 28th, 2012 (A Saturday)

Happy Saturday the 28th! So Kate has been super busy with life the past couple weeks and not getting much sleep (just because someone graduates from Patrick Henry College does not mean that they automatically get to start getting enough... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday: July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th! I advise throwing glitter over your left shoulder to ward off any bad luck today. We've got some new visitors this week, thanks to Equality Loudoun and Doorbell Queen. Thanks for the warm welcome! You need... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday, baby queermos! Since we're all new to this site this week, let's start with a few basics. Sam at It's Pronounced Metrosexual created the adorable Genderbread Person to help people grasp the nuances of attraction, biological sex, gender... Continue Reading →

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