Fabulous Friday: 08/24

Happy Friday, baby queermos! I’m proud of myself for posting this on time.

Erin Lynnelle

Book Recommendation: I just finished Ash, a YA version of the classic Cinderella story, retold with a lesbian twist by former AfterEllen.com editor Malinda Lo. It’s an enjoyable read, although I found the ending a bit rushed and contrived, and the character development a tad shallow. Still, if you like your fantasy with a side of lesbian romance, you’ll love Ash. If you’re a queer girl looking to meet like-minded fantasy-loving queer girls, I recommend reading this in your favorite vegan coffeeshop, or maybe in that used bookstore where the cute clerk with the alternative lifestyle haircut makes feeble attempts to straighten the topsy-turvy stacks of books before diving back into Promethea.

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Fabulous Friday: Gold Medal Edition

Happy Friday! I’m back and ready to start posting more regularly again. Thanks to Alan Scott for his willingness to step in and write so much in the past couple of weeks.

It’s been a good Friday so far. The U.S. Women’s National Team took the gold in yesterday’s soccer match with Japan. I guess they weren’t satisfied with taking the hearts of baby queermos everywhere.

You might have a heart of gold, but Megan Rapinoe would still eat it.

Out WNT midfielder Megan Rapinoe and girlfriend Sarah Walsh bite down on Rapinoe’s gold medal.

If you shipped same-sex Disney pairings as a child (guilty as charged), this Rodolfo Loaiza gallery pairing characters like Belle and Jasmine will make you happy. Check it out on Buzzfeed.

We’re big comics fans here at QueerPHC. I’m obviously partial to Batwoman (if you like comics and haven’t read Batwoman: Elegy, stop everything you are doing and read it now), but I also faithfully read each new issue of Batgirl every month. At ComicBookBin, J. Skyler makes the case for Batgirl being a prominent gay and feminist icon in comics. A few excerpts here:

I am a transgender woman, meaning that I am a genetic male (xy) whose gender identity or self-perceived sense of self is female. Since I have not chosen to undergo sex reassignment surgery (transsexual is a medical term indicating whether an individual is in the pre-operative or post-operative stage of SRS, whereas transgender is used to describe gender identity regardless of one’s surgical status) and since I am exclusively attracted to men, it’s natural to look at me and assume I am simply a gay male…. As a child, I was aware of the fact that I saw myself as a girl at age 4. I knew I was different from other children, even though I didn’t understand why at the time. I modeled myself after women I loved, my mother first and foremost. Being a fanatical lover of animation, fantasy and superheroes, fictional characters were some of my earliest role models and continue to be to this day. I remember being 5 or 6 years old flipping through the channels and coming across the opening credits of the 1960s Batman television series…. Just as I was about to turn the channel, Batgirl swung across the screen on the line of her grappling hook, kicking a villain in the chest….From that day forward, Batgirl was a model of femininity, intelligence and righteous fury that continues to drive me.

This Autostraddle article (and accompanying documentary short) on how gender identity and presentation affect one’s personal style is my new favorite thing in the history of things. The documentary is called “gender, bespoke.”

I’m a big believer in the sort of mantra of like, all gender is drag, so I definitely think of getting dressed as a drag performance.

– gender, bespoke

As someone who is genderqueer but who is nearly always read as female, this documentary really resonated with me. My clothing can be a source of great stress or great comfort to me. It’s a constant balancing act between representing who and what I feel like that day, and sometimes having to meet social expectations for what I should wear in a given situation. As a working professional, I try to make compromises between my personal identity and professional appearance. Gender, for me, is a fluid thing. Sometimes I feel masculine. Sometimes I feel feminine. Sometimes I feel androgynous or gender-neutral. Sometimes I feel like a girl who feels like a boy who feels like a girl who feels like a boy. There are days where I dress to my comfort zone (generally casual and androgynous or slightly masculine-of-center) and days where I go for a more tailored or femme look, with a blazer, high heels and a pencil skirt.

Tumblr of the Week:

Because I’m still obsessing over the Women’s National Team’s gold medal win, I’m going to feature my longtime crush, Abby Wambach. The way Wambach motivates and inspires her teammates is always touching to watch.

Plus, there is this .gif, which makes me fall off my chair laughing.

Song of the Week:

I know I’m about two weeks late on this one, but Todrick Hall’s “CinderFella” is fun and worth a watch.

Fabulous Friday: August 4th, 2012 (A Saturday)

Happy August! This is an exciting mile stone for us here at QPHC since our blog has now been up and running for 1 month! Unfortunately Kate is still swamped with life, but she was able to help me out this week, so we’ll be having a Song of the Week.

The Olympics are still in full swing and the United States has finally taken the lead both in Gold medals and overall medal count. The US Women’s Soccer team had an awesome quarterfinals win against New Zealand. (If you read my link about out Olympic athletes from last week than you might remember that one of the star players, Megan Rapinoe, and the head coach, Pia Sundhage, are both out lesbians.)

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Fabulous Friday: July 28th, 2012 (A Saturday)

Happy Saturday the 28th! So Kate has been super busy with life the past couple weeks and not getting much sleep (just because someone graduates from Patrick Henry College does not mean that they automatically get to start getting enough sleep) and wasn’t able to compile her usual Fabulous Friday posts these last two Fridays. So here’s my attempt at filling in the gap temporarily…and on a Saturday.

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Fabulous Friday: July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

I advise throwing glitter over your left shoulder to ward off any bad luck today.

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Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday, baby queermos!

Since we’re all new to this site this week, let’s start with a few basics.

Sam at It’s Pronounced Metrosexual created the adorable Genderbread Person to help people grasp the nuances of attraction, biological sex, gender expression, and gender identity.

Here at Queer PHC, we’re following in some great footsteps. LGBTQ groups at other conservative Christian schools include BJUNITY and the Biola Queer Underground.

For any of you who have been hiding under a rock inside your closet, Anderson Cooper came out publicly this week.

Frank Ocean of hip-hop collective Odd Future came out as bisexual in a post on his Tumblr.

And our favorite blonde soccer player Megan Rapinoe came out to OUT Magazine, only weeks before heading to the London Olympics. Though she hinted in May that she considered herself part of the LGBTQ spectrum, it’s nice to have it confirmed.  Plus, she’s obsessed with Tilda Swinton.

Tilda Swinton creates an interdimensional portal.

Oh, honey. We understand.

Rachel Maddow recently spoke with Rolling Stone about her struggles with depression. Also, for all you Second Amendment fetishists out there, they shot video of her at a shooting range.

Buzzfeed has a roundup of how nine top snack foods would look if they became as gay as the new Oreo ad. They didn’t even have to try with Lucky Charms.

Tumblr of the Week

FemmeDandy – Dapper cross-dressing ladies.

Song of the Week

Let Patrick Wolf take you into this weekend with “Together,” a track from his 2011 album Lupercalia.

Each week, Fabulous Friday will feature relevant links and a song by an LGBTQ artist. Have a suggestion? Email it to queerphc@gmail.com.