Happy Saturday the 28th! So Kate has been super busy with life the past couple weeks and not getting much sleep (just because someone graduates from Patrick Henry College does not mean that they automatically get to start getting enough sleep) and wasn’t able to compile her usual Fabulous Friday posts these last two Fridays. So here’s my attempt at filling in the gap temporarily…and on a Saturday.

The 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies were last night in London and we’ve got a record number of out Queer athletes competing this year. There are 21 according to BuzzFeed, which has kindly provided a flattering picture of each of them as well as a mini-bio.

Many of you also probably heard of the tragic passing of Sally Ride, the first American woman into space. She died at the age of 61 from pancreatic cancer. Not only was she a great inspiration to generations of young girls (or at least so I’m told by many formerly young girls) of what a woman could accomplish, but it turns out her legacy will inspire even more young people. Sally had arranged to out herself in her obituary. Sally was a lesbian and is survived by her partner of 27 years, Tam.

Sadly, I’m also not as adept or aware of the goings on on tumblr, so in lieu of the Tumblr of the Week and Song of the Week, so I’ve decided to provide something a little different.

Colbert of the Week

Colbert Report: Chick-Fil-A’s Anti-Gay Marriage Announcement A great satire on the current controversy and a semi-follow-up to my previous post about Chick-Fil-A.

Marriage Encouragement of the Week

From the campaign for marriage equality in Maine:

And from the campaign for marriage equality in Washington:

Which if you haven’t heard just received a pledge for $2.5 million dollars from the CEO of Amazon.com and his wife, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos.