Happy Friday, baby queermos!

Since we’re all new to this site this week, let’s start with a few basics.

Sam at It’s Pronounced Metrosexual created the adorable Genderbread Person to help people grasp the nuances of attraction, biological sex, gender expression, and gender identity.

Here at Queer PHC, we’re following in some great footsteps. LGBTQ groups at other conservative Christian schools include BJUNITY and the Biola Queer Underground.

For any of you who have been hiding under a rock inside your closet, Anderson Cooper came out publicly this week.

Frank Ocean of hip-hop collective Odd Future came out as bisexual in a post on his Tumblr.

And our favorite blonde soccer player Megan Rapinoe came out to OUT Magazine, only weeks before heading to the London Olympics. Though she hinted in May that she considered herself part of the LGBTQ spectrum, it’s nice to have it confirmed.  Plus, she’s obsessed with Tilda Swinton.

Tilda Swinton creates an interdimensional portal.
Oh, honey. We understand.

Rachel Maddow recently spoke with Rolling Stone about her struggles with depression. Also, for all you Second Amendment fetishists out there, they shot video of her at a shooting range.

Buzzfeed has a roundup of how nine top snack foods would look if they became as gay as the new Oreo ad. They didn’t even have to try with Lucky Charms.

Tumblr of the Week

FemmeDandy – Dapper cross-dressing ladies.

Song of the Week

Let Patrick Wolf take you into this weekend with “Together,” a track from his 2011 album Lupercalia.

Each week, Fabulous Friday will feature relevant links and a song by an LGBTQ artist. Have a suggestion? Email it to queerphc@gmail.com.