When I posted on this before it was also in part because of another video and post I had seen on the Waking Up Now blog. However, at the time I wasn’t able to find that other video that I had liked so much, but now I have, so here’s a follow-up post on the topic.

The video is just of an early date between two guys (the author of the blog and his boyfriend, who may now be his husband).

There’s nothing particularly special or unique about the video, but that’s what makes it significant. It’s just two guys having fun on a date to the aquarium, with one of them teasing the other and the other overcoming his fear of sharks.

This is important because speaking from the fundamental Christian side there are people like Pat Robertson who has said that he doesn’t “really believe homosexuals want to get married. What they want to do is destroy marriage . . . and they don’t want any, any hindrance to their particular lifestyle, or their particular way of having sex.”

And lest you think Robertson is alone in that view here are the words from Brian Brown, the President of The National Organization for Marriage, writing about the Democratic Party Platform in an official blog post, “. . . they hope to kill off the institution of marriage at their convention in Charlotte . . . and we fully intend to make sure that people realize that the outcome of the election is a proxy for the survival of traditional marriage in our nation.” And in a newsletter sent out after the Chick-Fil-A controversy Brian said that gay activist “want to silence Christians and people of faith,” and “bully and intimidate the media and enough politicians and activist judges to force homosexual marriage as the law of the land—thereby destroying the time-tested, God ordained, traditional institution of marriage.”

This is a persistent and patently absurd claim consistently put forth by fundamentalist Christians. LGBTQ people are not trying to destroy heterosexual marriage in any way, shape, or form. It never ceases to amaze me how it appears that so many fundamentalist Christians obsess more about ‘gay sex’ than gay people do. Seriously!

The simple ordinariness of the date video is what makes it so special. We’re just like everyone else. We love and live, date and romance, just like others.