We are Queer at Patrick Henry College. This is a collaborative blog produced by several Patrick Henry College (PHC) students, current and former. We have varying opinions and beliefs, but one thing we share in common is our desire to help and encourage other Patrick Henry College students, current and former, in any way that we can.

We are not officially affiliated with Patrick Henry College, and Patrick Henry College does not endorse QueerPHC.

As of the start of this blog we are all anonymous contributors to this community, some for personal reasons, some for family/friend reasons, some for professional reasons, and some for a combination of the above.

Patrick Henry College maintains a requirement of non-advocacy for enrolled students in regards to LGBTQ issues, but those issues are near and dear to many of us. This blog has been created as a way for us to express our opinions and thoughts on LGBTQ related topics.

Over time we hope to have posts ranging from general social commentary to specific news related commentary to book reviews to personal testimony and encouragement.

Patrick Henry College does not offer courses in Queer Studies, Sex Ed, or Gender Equality. However, these are issues that are of pressing importance in our culture today and are of importance to us personally. We hope to use this blog to provide information on those topics that are taboo at PHC.

If any of our readers have questions or are interested in contributing to this blog, please feel free to contact us at queerphc@gmail.com. We grant complete anonymity to our contributors (unless you wish to have your real name used.)

And be sure to check out our Tumblr at qphc.tumblr.com and our Twitter at twitter.com/queerphc