Hi folks! Leslie here. It’s my great privilege to introduce you to the new faces of this beautiful blog. You can find all of our bios on the contributors section, but since so many of us are coming on board at once, we’re doing a round-up post of our newest members. Be sure to also check out our updated About Us page and the FAQs!



Charlie Summers
is a bisexual introvert and a current PHC student. His great passions in life are books, coffee, and people (not necessarily in that order). He can be reached at charliesummers(dot)qphc(at)gmail(dot)com.



Leslie Beauchamp
is a queer bisexual writer, artist, and musician. She graduated from Patrick Henry College some time ago, after which she detoxed for a couple years, came out to herself, and became a progressive feminist and LGBTQ+ advocate. Leslie spends her spare time reading psychology books and pondering human existence while striking yoga poses. She also moonlights as an Anglophile.  She can be reached at leslieb(dot)qphc(at)gmail(dot)com.



Liz Hutson 
is a current PHC student who identifies as a bisexual/pansexual female. Liz writes about her experiences on campus and what it’s like to be generally out-of-the-closet as a queer student at PHC. She can be reached at liz(dot)hutson(dot)qphc(at)gmail(dot)com. 



PJ Rivers’ dad likes girls, his mom likes boys, and…PJ likes boys too. And he’s totally cool with that.✌🏼️ As a cis-gender gay 🌈 Christian✝, PJ is here to encourage and support the LGBTQ+ community of PHC. ❤️💛💚💙💜 He can be reached at pjrivers(dot)qphc(at)gmail(dot)com.



Reese Holloway
graduated from PHC years back, ending up on a journey that led her to embrace her queer identity and become a progressive feminist. She is bisexual, attracted to people across the gender spectrum, and most frequently attracted to women. Reese is also polyamorous, meaning she has multiple ethical, romantic relationships with the consent of all involved. In her free time, she enjoys meditation, yoga, running, traveling, and reading. Her pen name comes from Malinda Lo’s Adaptation series, which you should probably rush to read if you haven’t already. She can be reached at reeseholloway(dot)qphc(at)gmail(dot)com. 



Syd Roe 
really hates writing bios, but if she has to sum herself up in a few words, here goes: she was a student at PHC for five years (damn language credits), and currently lives in Antarctica (aka Minnesota). She is a brainstorming ninja who is obsessed with video marketing. She’s a people lover and optimistic to a fault. She also loves beer, burgers, and the thrill of adventure. Email questions or comments to sydneyroe(dot)qphc(at)gmail(dot)com or drop by her facebook for a chat: https://www.facebook.com/sydney.roe.5


Taylor Josson
is a recent graduate of PHC who identifies as bisexual. Taylor writes about his experience as a closeted PHC student and feminist. Taylor still identifies as a Christian and enjoys traveling, political discussions, the beautiful game, and photography. He can be reached at taylorjosson(dot)qphc(at)gmail(dot)com.