It’s been a year and 4 months since I’ve been on PHC’s campus.

The last time I was there?

To (finally) grab my diploma. So, I could (finally) come out.

It’s crazy to think back to a year and 4 months ago.

Mostly, because I realize how hard it was for me to see where I would be now.

And when I think back even farther than that….2 years ago, 3 years ago, 4 years ago…it blows my mind where my life is now.

I mean, shit, I live in Minnesota. Minn-e-so-ta. Aka, Antartica in like 3 weeks. You have no idea how ridiculous that sounds to a Floridian.

I work on the most badass insurance marketing team. Together, we are blowing the doors of the most backwards industry wide open.

I have a roommate most would be jealous of. (She whips up basil pesto pizza with fresh mozz, heirloom tomatoes AND bacon…on a Wednesday night. While listening to Michael Buble.)

And my girlfriend? Whew! Gorgeous. Caring. Kind. Patient. Adventurous. Optimistic. Hilarious. I’m literally smiling thinking about her while writing this right now.

Here’s the crazy part…

4 Years ago, my plan was to marry a guy and have some kids.

2 Years ago, my plan was to move back to Florida and work for my dad’s insurance agency.

1 Year and 4 months ago, I was scrambling to try and find a new plan.

Now, I’m really glad none of my plans actually worked out.

So, here’s to always discovering who you are, what you want and letting life take hold of your future.

– The Queer Dude

P.S. Excited as all get out to be a part of Queer PHC, Round 2. (3 Years ago, I was reading it in an “incognito window.”)