Hello all!

I know I have been totally absent lately; my life has been busier than what most normal

Jacob Dalton
I swear, he’s not the only reason I watch gymnastics . . . really!

people have a tolerance for, but then again who ever said I was normal?

Of course, in addition to all the fun I’ve been having in life in general, there’s also been this thing going on over in London that I feel compelled to read about and watch whenever I have a spare moment . . . some events more than others. Honestly, I’m a much bigger fan of the winter Olympics. But there is something so fun and exciting and emotional about watching all these people gather together in one place and demonstrate such amazing feats of athleticism!

I’ve REALLY been into following the men’s and women’s gymnastics, the equestrian, and the swimming events. What I find really interesting is seeing countries that are not necessarily “associated” with a sport come out and win a medal, like Saudi Arabia nabbing a bronze in the jumping events.

How about you guys? Anyone else out there completely obsessed with Olympic glory? Any particular events that you simply can’t miss?