I was perusing pro-LGBTQ blogs this afternoon and came across a most amusing story. Apparently some brilliant person decided to create a Facebook fan page called I bet this turkey can get more fans than NOM, and it did. The fan page currently has over 1,000 more “likes” than the fan page on Facebook for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

For those that may be unaware the National Organization for Marriage is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy group, and while they call themselves a Christian advocacy organization, they are more closely aligned with Catholicism than Christianity in general. Marriage according to NOM is only between one man and one woman, which really makes me wonder what they do with all the polygamous marriages of people in the Bible like Jacob/Israel, King David, King Solomon, etc. and that’s not even considering all the concubines they had. Gosh darn it, but the Bible is full of stories of ‘non-traditional’ marriages. One would think that if God was so determined that marriage was supposed to between one man and one woman, as NOM claims, then He wouldn’t have included so many positive and non-condemned stories of polygamy (please don’t read this as me arguing in favor of polygamy, I’m just trying to point out the inconsistency of traditional marriage advocates).

NOM was founded by Maggie Gallagher, who recently did an interview with Dr. Martin Olasky at Patrick Henry College, where she said that passing marriage equality would be a suppression of religious liberty (specifically her type of Christianity, which demands that she condemn queers and all things queer related) and would separate marriage from it’s core function and idea: making babies.

The National Organization for Marriage has been labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Center for “their propagation of known falsehoods — claims about LGBT people that have been thoroughly discredited by scientific authorities — and repeated, groundless name-calling. In addition, NOM has been exposed as using photo manipulation and racial wedge tactics. In response the Human Rights Campaign and the Courage Campaign launched a website called NOM Exposed to “track and challenge the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage as it tries to influence elections and legislative campaigns across the country.”